About Us

I firmly believe in knowing who you are dealing with and feeling comfortable with an attorney. Especially, when it comes to someone that could potentially handle something so important as your bankruptcy or your personal injury case.

My birth name is Juan Carlos Burgos. I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In 1994, “Juan Carlos” as I was called by my friends and family decided one day to sell the few belongings I had, and come to the United States with a simple dream: Come to the United States, get a good education and return to Venezuela to start a family. Little I knew what life had in store for me when I arrived in Miami.

From 1994 to 2000, I worked in any job you could imagine. I picked sweet peas in Homestead, worked in a fish plant in Miami, washed dishes in several restaurants, worked moving merchandise in a warehouse, server in a restaurant, professionally detailed cars, and built computers in a warehouse. I found some stability working as a bellman for several years in two of the most prestigious hotels in Orlando, Florida. It was a good living, but I felt I needed to continue improving myself.

From 1998 to 2003, I attended Valencia Community College at night where I earned my Associate in Arts. At the same time, I earned the credentials of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and the A+ Certification while I worked on computers.

I worked for IBM Global Services as computer technician contractor until the end of 2000.

In 2001, I was offered a job as a billing clerk for Bayside Healthcare Centers. While in Bayside, I learned about insurance law, healthcare law, and clinical compliance. Also, while working in Bayside I was able to see the legal side of medical practice. I started to become acquainted with the law in the United States and realized that I needed to know more about it in order to survive in this line of business. Slowly, the dreams of becoming an attorney started to dwell in my mind. I felt the more I dealt with lawyers, the less I understood why they were unable to explain things plainly, and simply. I felt that either I had a problem understanding how they could help me, or they had a problem explaining legal issues in a more “humane” way.

In 2003, I along with a partner purchased Bayside Healthcare Center, and it became B.M.R. Medical Group. B.M.R Medical provided medical services to injured patients. As a president of B.M.R, I became more involved in the legal aspect of the practice.

In 2005, I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Science of Business Administration with a concentration in General Business. This education allowed me to become more proficient at running B.M.R Medical into a successful medical practice.

One of the main reasons why I went to Law School, was because I was told: “I did not have what it was needed even get admitted.” No legal background, no legal pedigree, no familiarity with the American Legal System. Therefore, I lacked what it was needed, and I was going to fail if I dared to try it. Keep in mind this came from attorneys I did business with or knew me at least a little bit.

In 2006, I was admitted into the Law Program at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University College of Law (FAMU). I started in the evening program. While in FAMU, I participated as a volunteer for the VITA Program, a program authorized by the I.R.S to provide free tax services to low-income individuals. I also worked as an intern at the Public Defender’s Office in Orlando, Florida. Additionally; I worked as a Certified Legal Intern at the Offices Lawson Lamar, State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

While in Law School, I worked as a paralegal for a local attorney in the areas of Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, and Personal Injury.

In 2009, I received my Juris Doctorate Degree from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University College of Law.  The Law Offices of Juan C. Burgos was officially open in October of 2010.

The main reason why I decided to open my own law office, was to offer my prospective clients adequate and affordable representation. When you come to my office, you will see a small and cozy setting. I run a no-frills practice on which you, the client will have the benefit of talking directly to me without the issues you face on bigger firms. The biggest complaint I hear from people that come to my office is the lack of care they have seen in other law offices where they cannot talk to a lawyer.

You will not get that feeling with me because I have been on your side of the chair before I became an attorney. I know exactly how it feels to be treated like a “number” or “just another case.”


2003 – Valencia Community College – Associate in Arts – General Studies
2005 – University Of Florida – Bachelor in Science of Business Administration
2009 – Florida A & M University College of Law – Juris Doctor